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Today, we’re pleased to announce a complete overhaul of the Daily Digest is delivering tools to make your social news discovery experience better. We built an iPad app that leverages what the tablet is good at — deep immersion in gorgeous content — to help you explore your news stream and the streams of those that you follow on Twitter.

We also launched a Daily Digest, to help make your mornings more efficient. We look at news content flowing through your Twitter stream for the last 24 hours, and send you an email with the must reads.

There is a lot of phenomenal content on Twitter, but that’s just the problem  there is a lot of phenomenal content on Twitter. With some clever algorithms, we save you the time and energy of wading through all of that content. Our machines do the work so that you don’t have to.

My email arrived this morning — check it out: 

We’re also starting to show you what your friends have been reading in — both from the iPad app and the Daily Digest. This is a really interesting way to discover news, and a wonderful way to start a conversation. Take a look:

But perhaps what we’re most excited about is that fact that these Digests can now be found online! If you receive the Daily Digest via email, you can find a web version at[yourtwitterhandle]. 

Here’s a few from this morning that we love:

If you haven’t yet, go get your own at (your web version and email will be delivered tomorrow morning).

We’re eager to hear any feedback that you have on the redesign or the web version, so shoot us an email at

This is only the beginning - stay tuned for more…

p.s. Share your Daily Digests in the comments below. We’re eager to see them!

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