Looking for #7 is only a few months old as a standalone company. When we spun out of bitly in September and started building out the team, we had some hard decisions to make around hiring philosophy. We looked around at products that we admire - from startups like Instagram and Foursquare all the way up to massive companies like Apple, and tried to understand what about their hiring culture led them to such amazing products.

The answer, then, was fairly straightforward - we had to set a nearly impossible standard for hiring our first team members. We knew that each founding member would be responsible for hiring tens and (hopefully) hundreds of other team members in the years to come, and so we knew that setting that bar high at the outset was critical to our long term success and evolution. So far so good: we’ve assembled a small team of developers and designers from companies like the New York Times, Conde Nast, Adobe and MLB.

With that in mind, we’re looking for team member #7.  From a technical perspective, this person should have a strong knowledge of python, and experience building large-scale/large-data web applications.

More importantly, we need this 7th team member to dive deep into the data sets at our disposal  the millions of articles flowing through the Twitter streams of our users and the bitly dataset that we are just beginning to understand (all 8 billion clicks per month).

There are fascinating social signals embedded within these massive data sets, and our data science today is just barely scratching the surface of what is possible. How do we understand and expose signals from 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree connections? How do we extract meaning from overlapping relationships and network density? How do we think about sorting and filtering in a world where content is organized by people instead of categories?

But this role doesn’t begin and end with data. Our #7 should have a passion for user experience, product, and network design, that goes beyond the technical. We’re not in the business of delivering data, we’re in the business of using data to enable conversation.

This core team is responsible not only for setting and delivering on the vision for the product, but for the company as well. The culture that we foster (from red vines, to growlers, to coffee blogs) will pervade the organization for decades.

We’re fascinated by emerging devices like the tablet and smart phone, we’re fascinated by how people find, consume, and discuss the news — how people effect content and how content effects people. We want to change the world and do it with the best and most dangerous team in the industry.

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