Sharing (your Daily Digest) is Caring

Over the last few weeks, a few of you have noticed that your Daily Digest is available online at[your_username]. Some of you have even started sharing that web view with your friends on Twitter and Facebook, encouraging them to explore the news flowing through your Twitter stream. 

Today, we’re releasing an update to the web version of the Daily Digest that makes it even easier to explore what others are reading — for everyone from friends and family to web celebrities like Tim O’ReillySteven JohnsonNicholas KristofArianna Huffington, Fred Wilson, and Steve Case.

When we launched a complete redesign of the Daily Digest a few weeks ago, we told you that the Daily Digest helps make your morning news review more efficient. We look at the news content flowing through your Twitter stream for the last 24 hours, and send you an email with the must reads.

As we wrote in October:

There is a lot of phenomenal content on Twitter, but that’s just the problem — there is a lot of phenomenal content on Twitter. With some clever algorithms, we save you the time and energy of wading through all of that content. Our machines do the work so that you don’t have to.

This release is about taking that value and exposing it to an even broader audience. My friend Matt is a tech/media junky with a penchant for entertainment news. He knows that world better than I do, so his Digest is a great place to find news that doesn’t tend to show up in my Twitter stream.

Similarly, I don’t know Nicholas Kristof personally, but as a columnist for the New York Times, his view of the world provides a fascinating way to explore the news.

So go ahead, take a look at your own Digest at[your username], surf through some of our Featured Users, and if you haven’t yet, get your own!

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