Summify Users: We’re here for you. You’re Safe.

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Yesterday, our friends at Summify announced that they have been acquired by Twitter, that they “will be disabling new account registrations immediately and…removing some features” and that they plan to offer “a more streamlined service as we transition our efforts to working at Twitter.”

First of all, congratulations to both Twitter and Summify. This is great news for both companies.

With yesterday’s news, we saw a massive influx of users with lots of questions about our Daily Digest product. As happy as we are for Summify and Twitter, we couldn’t help but notice how their users felt about the news:

It goes on… We’ve seen this before.

As the internet lets out a collective sigh and throws up its hands in frustration, one might ask: will the cries for help go unanswered?!

Given the level of inbound interest in the Daily Digest, we thought we’d take a moment to share a bit about where we’re heading, and ask for some advice! is best known for the iPad app that we released last year (we’ve been staying busy since then, stay tuned for more details on that soon).  We also have an email product (with tens of thousands of users) that is similar in functionality to what Summify offered its users. It started as a side project, a companion to our iOS applications, but has grown into a surprisingly massive and engaging product.

We keep an eye on your Twitter stream throughout the day, and the next morning present you with a list of the most important links shared by your friends. To be perfectly transparent, it’s not that hard to do (shhh…). We use a link’s frequency of appearance in your stream as an indicator of importance, and use bitly data (how many people from around the web are clicking on that link) to weight that indicator.

Here’s what Tim O’Reilly received in his inbox this morning. You can also visit his Digest online (along with your own and many other Featured Digests) at:

So where are we going?

  • Adding support for Facebook!
  • Time of Day settings: you decide when the Daily Digest arrives
  • Support for time zones: we hear you, Australia
  • Story count settings: you decide how many stories you want in your Digest

We want your suggestions!

Summify users:

  • What did you like best about the service that you’d love to see us implement?
  • What did you wish you could have but that Summify never built?

So fear not, news junkies! We’ve got some work to do, but we’re here for you, you’re safe.

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