Introducing for iPhone!

We’re pleased to introduce for iPhone, now available for free in the App Store! for iPhone delivers the must-read news from your friends on Twitter and Facebook.

Reading the news has always lent itself to a social experience: from the breakfast table to the water cooler to the classroom. But on the social web we’re no longer just “readers” — we are all publishers, curating and distributing links to our own audience of friends and followers.

Yet when it comes to finding news on Twitter and Facebook, we hear the same complaint over and over again: “there’s too much stuff!” At, we want to help people wade through the chatter to find the news that truly matters. for iPhone analyzes all the links shared by your friends to find only the most relevant news for you. is smart — it does the hard work of finding the right news so that you don’t have to. Each article is then presented in a beautiful stream that displays the publisher, headline, photo, and most importantly, what your friends are saying about it. for iPhone lets you build a network with news in mind.

You might be surprised to know that email is still the most popular way to share news. It’s so simple: you send an article to a few friends and as it’s passed around, a great conversation unfolds with each reply.

It’s hard to have a conversation like this in the comments on a website or on a social network with hundreds of people listening in. We designed for a smaller, more focused network, built for the conversation around news. Reactions: the right type of sharing.

We wanted to find a form of expression that was at once more meaningful than a generic “Like,” but less work than a free-text comment. We also had a peculiar design challenge: how do we build for iPhone as a mobile-friendly, one-handed application?

With Reactions, we’ve done just that. Find an article hilarious or surprising? Tap “Ha!” and share it with your followers on Stumble across a beautiful picture or inspiring story? Tap “Wow” and your followers on will know about it. When you follow people on, you’ll see their Reactions in your Reactions stream, and the articles they react to in your main News stream.

There’s more…

  • Full support for offline reading (subway commuters rejoice!)
  • Share the articles you love to Facebook, Twitter or with others via email
  • Save any article to your Reading List to read later (we also automatically import your Twitter favorites, and we offer seamless synchronization to Instapaper and for iPad)

How people find, read, and talk about news is changing. At we’re focused on building applications that both take advantage of and accelerate that change. We believe that the future of news includes smart algorithms, smart networks, and smart editors. for iPhone is a big leap forward for us, but we’re just getting started. Stay connected on Twitter and Facebook for more announcements in the coming months!

So download for iPhone today and tell us what you think!

This product can only get better if we hear from our users, so please leave any feedback in the comments or send us an email at!

Jake, Mike, Rob, Justin, Jon, and Josh

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