Ah, Push It. The Push Music Behind 19 Startups.

Lately we’ve found ourselves pushing a lot of code here at, which of course, means we’ve been listening to a lot of push music. For those “normals” reading this blog post (how did you find us and what do you want???), push music is a song or video played at the moment when new code is pushed to production. It’s a moment of celebration that is usually accompanied by someone saying: Fuck it. Ship it.

Push music is one of those things that all internet startups have in common (also on that list is beer, coffee, and challenges finding engineers). So we thought it would be fun to reach out to some friends and find out how they push code.’s push music of choice, which we share with Venmo, is a little out of the ordinary. Scroll down to the bottom to find out!

Here’s what they had to say:

Sean Cook informs us that “in the good ‘ole days” the mobile team at Twitter enjoyed the uplifting theme from ‘Miami Vice’ or Kid CuDi’s ‘Simple As.’ The latter has a line that appealed to the company—’thinking about what I should be Twitterin.’

Update: Matt Sanford took a moment to chime in, tweeting to inform us that before Sean Cook arrived, “Twitter also had AirPlay speakers and blasted ‘We Built This City’ or ‘Dream Weaver.’”

Derek Gottfrid, CTO and VP of Product at Tumblr favors ‘You Dropped A Bomb On Me,’ by The Gap Band. We respect Tumblr’s reverence of the classics.

Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson told us that although the company abandoned push songs in late 2009 due to the fact that they “started deploying 10x/day.” However, when they did use a push song, it was always Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets.’ “It’s a long song because our deploys were very painfully long,” he explained.

Jeff Tierney, who works on frontend development at bitly, keeps it real with Tupac’s classic ‘Hit ‘Em Up.’ 

Our friends at Chartbeat have varied, but largely traditional taste when it comes to push music. Favorites include ‘Push It,’ by Salt-N-Pepa, Whitesnake’s ‘Here I Go Again,’ and the ever-inspiring ‘Training Montage,’ from the Rocky soundtrack.

Frank Speiser, co-founder and CEO of SocialFlow, is a fan of Public Enemy when it comes to push music, telling us that they enjoy both ‘Welcome to the Terrordome’ and “911 Is a Joke’ by that artist. When Public Enemy just won’t cut it, he reverts to the Quite Riot song “Come on Feel the Noise’ or ‘Recognize’ by LOX.

Findings co-founder Corey Menscher admits that they oftentimes forgo push songs because “we deploy so regularly that the room would always be filled with music.” However, that doesn’t mean they don’t have some fun. The gang played the “Go/No Go” scene from ‘Apollo 13’ when they launched.

Alex Rainert, head of product at FourSquare likes to play ‘Roll Out,’ by Ludacris when they roll out new software. When a change of pace is needed, Alex also enjoys ‘The Final Countdown,’ and ‘Push It.’

After pointing out that they don’t quite qualify as a start-up, Jacob Harris, Senior Software Architect at the New York Times, told us that those at the Gray Lady favor Kenny Loggins’ ‘Danger Zone.’

Fancy Hands CEO and founder Ted Roden has an official policy regarding push music: “any song starting with a pan flute intro.” Personally, he prefers Joe Esposito’s ‘Best Around,’ from The Karate Kid. We’re sending an intern in a skeleton costume over there right now to wreck havoc.

Peter McArthur of Vimeo informs us that ‘Assassinator’ by Hair Guitar is still played on big releases. This six-minute electronic masterpiece brings us back to Mario on the original Nintendo.


Alex Kolundzija, Director of Frontend Engineering at Meebo, likes to listen to the album ‘City Synthesis' by Eliot Lipp.

Rob Spychala, formerly of, likes listening to Skrillex when he’s pushing code.

OnSwipe CEO Jason Baptiste is also a fan of electronic music. “For every major deploy we play ‘The Grid,’ by Daft Punk,” he told us.

exfm co-founder and Creative Director Marshall Jones favors Europe’s ‘Final Countdown’ or Mr. Gnome’s ‘House Of Circles.’

OMGPOP CEO Dan Porter enjoys the calming piano and poetic lyrics of Kate Bush’s ‘Snowflake.’ Hah.

Aaron Windsor of writes, “I usually jam out to Clapton’s ‘Tears in Heaven’ when I push.” Badass.

Kyle Warren, Software Engineer at Zygna, keeps it classic with ‘Push It,’ by Salt-N-Pepa.

Last but not least is Andrew Kortina, co-founder of Venmo. is pleased to share a push “song” with such an awesome company.

Please enjoy the infuriated ranting of conservative pundit Bill O’Reilly. We sure do!

Ok, one more from — IMHO, puppies are the new push music.

And now, for your pushing pleasure, we made RdioSpotify, and exfm playlists. Enjoy!

Did we miss you? Leave your favorite push song in the comments!

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