Introducing Paper Boy: Automatically Download Your News Whenever You Leave Home

I’ll think we’ve all been there: you get into a subway car, and just as the doors are closing, you realize that you’ve forgotten to take your phone out, pull to refresh, and wait 10 seconds to download the latest news articles to read offline. You curse under your breath and switch back to Angry Birds.

Today we’re pleased to introduce a new feature called Paper Boy. Simply set your home location so that whenever you leave home, downloads your latest news in the background. 

Download for iPhone and visit Settings to enable Paper Boy.

We couldn’t be happier to launch this feature. We ride the subway every day and are more than familiar with the pain point it addresses.

Kudos to Rob Haining, subway rider extraordinaire, who came up with this idea on a Friday and had it built by the following Monday!



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    Super impressive feature. I’d like Instapaper or Pocket to pick this up. does
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    Really fantastic feature. Really with Instapaper would add this sort of thing. I can’t count how many times I’ve whipped...
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    This is my favorite use of iOS’s background geofencing yet: newsme: The best part about this? It’s such a clever, simple...
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    Very cool new idea from the team.
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    Simple, but genius.
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    Rob, our iOS developer, came up with this on a Friday and had it built by the following Monday. Killer feature, saves me...
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    don’t have dig for...hastily refresh as youre walking
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    Well played.
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