You may have missed… for Email turned 1-year-old last month. What started as a "companion product" has grown into one of the most engaging products we’ve ever worked on. Every morning more than 30% of our users open the email, with another 30% clicking through to read one or more story. 

As the user base grows, our data set is starting to look “really interesting,” according to Chief Data Geek Mike Young. Mike tells me that we’re processing more than 50 million shares across more than 10 million unique URLs every day.

Today, we’re pleased to introduce a new addition to for Email — “You might have missed…” This is where we put articles that you might find really interesting, but that you probably haven’t seen.

Where do we find these articles? We’re looking for the best news articles shared by your friends’ friends, and presenting those that we believe are new to you.

Looking for news from your “friends’ friends” is an exploration into what social scientists call “weak ties” (as opposed to the “strong ties” you have with your actual friends). Social scientists have long argued that weak ties are a greater source of new information than strong ties, since by definition you are likely to already know what your closest connections know. Our hunch is that these news articles will expose you to topics and publishers outside of your typical patterns of consumption.

So if you haven’t yet, sign up to receive for Email. As always, please drop any feedback and requests in the comments or to

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