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The web is full of great stuff — the problem isn’t finding more, it’s finding less. At we’re focused on providing a news service that delivers you less, but keeps you more informed than ever. That’s why today we’re rolling out our most significant overhaul to the daily email to date.

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Your Top Stories — The News You Want

Every morning we look through the hundreds and thousands of links shared by your friends on Facebook and Twitter and deliver the best five — the news that you just shouldn’t miss. 

Stuff You Missed — The News You Haven’t Seen

These articles have specifically not been shared by your friends on Facebook and Twitter. It’s our best guess at the news that you haven’t yet seen but that you’re probably interested in.

Morning Report — The News You Need to Know

Why do we visit The New York Times, BBC, CNN, Reuters, or The Guardian every day? We do it because we want to stay on top of the BIG stories: Did someone win a primary somewhere? I heard something about an Earthquake. What’s going on in Syria?

This is totally impersonal news, but it’s important to us because it helps us better understand the world around us; it helps us make better decisions; it helps us stay involved and engaged in our communities.

So this meant investing in a technology that we knew little about: humans. About 6 months ago, we hired Josh Petri. Josh comes to us from Talking Points Memo, one of the web’s first and best political blogs. 

Josh spends his entire day combing through the the big stories of the day on sites like The New York Times, BBC, CNN, Reuters and The Guardian, so that you don’t have to. Guided by what’s most important according to the editors of the most reputable publishers on the web, Josh selects the three most important stories of the day.

Then he goes one step further. Josh writes short summaries — two to three sentences — so that within just a few seconds you can get caught up on the major stories of the day. Care to dig deeper? Just click the “Read more” link at the bottom of the summary for the full story.

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(Thanks to our 300+ testers who provided critical feedback over the past few months!)

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