Human (Editor) Wanted!

For the last year, has been focused on using smart networks and smart algorithms to deliver the must-read news from the social web. But if you’ve been paying close attention, you’ll have noticed that we’re starting to invest in a third piece of the news puzzle: smart humans.

We’re collecting 10 million links per day across 40 million shares (!). If at this point you’re thinking, ‘I’d love to read ALL OF THAT!’ we want to talk to you.

We’re looking for an editor to help us sift through the best news on the social web and present it to our audience in new and innovative ways. You should be a news junkie with a keen eye for the shareable story and excellent editorial judgment. Familiarity with social media such as Twitter and Reddit are a must and experience working for an online technology publication is a big plus. A passion for coffee and craft beer is also appreciated. 

If this sounds like you or someone you know, please drop me a line at

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