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As of this afternoon, for iPhone and for iPad are no longer available in the App Store. We will continue to support the apps for existing users that have already downloaded them. The email will continue to be both supported and available to users, new and current.

If you’re not familiar with the applications, a bit of background: analyzes the links shared by your friends, and the links shared by your friends’ friends, on both Twitter and Facebook, then presents those links in a beautiful, news-friendly reading experience on iPhone and iPad. We look at a combination of factors to determine how to rank and filter those links: First, do we think the link represents news? Second, how many of your friends have shared that link? Third, how many people have clicked on that link from across the web?

The question we were looking to answer: “the Internet is full of great things, but how do we find the things worth reading and sharing?”

Wait, that sounds awesome! Why is it going away?

A few months ago, Twitter started building products to help people discover news. This move did not come as much of a surprise to us, but it put Twitter squarely in the category of “competitor” to When Twitter rolled out its latest API guidelines, the apps were deemed to be in violation of the new Display Requirements. We had a decision to make: invest meaningful resources in the apps to meet the new Requirements, or pull the apps from the App Store.

Here’s what it comes down to: we don’t want to invest time and energy into an application that competes with a platform on which it relies.

So what are you going to do with all your free time?

Well, a few months ago we bought and relaunched Digg. With Digg, we’re better positioned than ever to answer the question posed above (“the Internet is full of great things, but how do we find the things worth reading and sharing?”) — to take what we learned from to build the Internet’s best social news applications.

We launched about 12 weeks ago and already over 4 million people have checked out the new Digg. But what’s more shocking is that usage of the iPhone and iPad apps are close to surpassing web, and those apps didn’t exist 12 weeks ago! We’re sending millions of visits every week to great sites around the web and we’re happy to see that once again Digg is a leading referrer on charts like this. We’re working hard to deliver with Digg the experience that motivitated us to build — helping people find the best stories on the Internet.

So if you haven’t yet, check out what we’ve been working on — the new Digg on iPhone, iPad and the web

Jake / @jrlevine

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