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Since we started working on Digg in June of this year (if you’re asking yourself “wtf?” you can catch up here), we have been focused on helping people find and share the most-talked about stories on the web. Starting tomorrow morning, you’ll find the best stories from Digg at the bottom of your Daily Digest in a new section called The Daily Digg (other than that and the logo, nothing else is changing). The Daily Digg will display the top three stories on Digg from the past 24 hours.

The top section of your email is not changing. You will continue to see the best of what your friends are sharing on Twitter and Facebook, alongside our best guess of “Stuff You Missed.” They will continue to be powered by the same algorithms and data.

We’re always pleased to hear that for many of our users, the Daily Digest has become a critical part of their morning routine!

Here’s a breakdown of the sections in the daily email:

Your Personal Digest — The News You Want

Every morning we look through the hundreds and thousands of links shared by your friends on Facebook and Twitter and deliver the best five — the news that you just shouldn’t miss.

Stuff You Missed — The News You Haven’t Seen

These articles have specifically not been shared by your friends on Facebook and Twitter. It’s our best guess at the news that you haven’t yet seen but that you’re probably interested in.

(New section!) The Daily Digg — The Most Talked-about Stories on the Web

The best of Digg from the last 24 hours and the top image of the day.

Please leave any and all feedback in the comments or get in touch at


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